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Last updated 4/7/2013
All my fiberglass tanks are made using an ethanol proof resin so there is no problems with modern fuels and have a twelve month guarantee against fuel damage

Bultaco Chispa mudguards as used by Dougie Lampkin
60 per pair + post


seat and tank unit together, 300+p+p
comes painted with decals, seat + cap

Tidy up your TY Mono in minutes with this fiberglass shelter
Simply remove the seat and put the cover over the tank, all fixings included and ally billet cap only £95 + £10 post
Choice of decals early or pinky £15

TY mono tank/seat shelter + billet cap+ fixings
Only 95 + decals & post
Yellow shelter complete with fixings and decals
Only 105 + 10 UK post
Ally billet cap comes with the TY shelter
Just insert your original seal

Honda Seeley tank shelter
Made to order 95 + post

I specialise in twinshock trials + motocross paintwork and fibregalss tanks and seats for HONDA TLR 200/250


250 Fibreglass tanks now available to order

First shedworks update, website is now up and running. All customers so far very pleased.
See me riding at the sammy miller trials on my honda TLR 230.

MY TLR 230
Fiberglass tank with clear fuel level window

This is my tlr230 I have altered the footrest position and the steering angle to the Montesa 315 dimentions, moved the rear shock mounts in on the top and altered the exhaust tail pipes, then finished it with tlr250 wheels.

Please get in touch with any questions or comments

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